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Welcome to Litorina Folk High School in Karlskrona

Litorina Folk High School is about 5 km from the centre of Karlskrona, beautifully situated in Gullberna Park, a stone’s throw away from the Baltic shore.
The school has a clear Baltic profile, which means that we pay extra attention to the countries around the Baltic in our studies and follow developments that take place in the region. We also arrange a study excursion to one of the Baltic countries every year.

Everyone’s involved
Everybody at the school helps out with the practicalities of running the school, and all students get to help in the kitchen a few days each year. Every year we have students from various parts of the world, creating an exciting international atmosphere.

The school promotes democratic thinking, and the student council, course committee, teacher’s committee and staff council meet regularly. There are also committees of students for taking care of the premises, arranging the annual trip, organising the annual Christmas Lunch and so on. The students have one representative on the staff council and one on the school board.

Litorina Folk High School is a trust and was founded in 1993. The trustees are Karlskrona Municipal Council, the Baltic Institute, the Nordic Association and the Karlskrona Business and Crafts Association.